Blackout City

What London or another city would look like if we turned off the lights… Great project.

Blackout City
Nicholas Buer

Projections in the Forest

I’m pretty sure that everybody knows what the mapping is. Even if you don’t know what it is, you have seen exibitions or monuments painted with lights.

One of the famous place in Europe is Lyon with the annual event « Fête des Lumières ».
This time , this process has been use to highlight plants, trees and nature.

AWESOME !!!!!!!!

Behind the scene here:

HD Timelapse of The Earth

Astronaut Alexander Gerst has had this extreme chance to go up there for few months. Here is a fantastic view of the earth in 4K.

You better watch this footage on a huge screen in HD mode.


Hi there,
This is another AWESOME video from Ole C Salomonsen.
This is Fantastic, Spectacular, Magic.
I’m very surprised by the quality of this video especially because most of the time Northern lights are captured by DSLR Camera through Time Lapses but not in that case. This DSLR designed by sony is quite impressive.


Yes,…..I know another timelapse…….but this one is just fabulous.

Sequences, mucic,…everything is perfect.
All details are on the following link.

Planetary Panoramas

Very nice timelapse designed by Vincent Brady.  You can find more information about this video on youtube and also on his webpage.

Planetary Panoramas – 360 Degree Night-Sky Time-Lapse by Vincent Brady, Music by Brandon McCoy

Silent Storms

Another magic video from Ole Salomonsen.
He is interested in Northern Lights and I must admit now he is a famous Expert in such domain.
Just see and dream 🙂

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